Job description

Who are we and why should you care?

At Teamleader, we live and breathe entrepreneurship. Founded in 2012, Teamleader is a SaaS scale-up with two work management products: Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit. Everyday, our software allows entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters: their business. 12.000 entrepreneurs and their teams use Teamleader on a daily basis to sell, bill and organize work. From IT agencies and digital marketers to plumbers and construction companies. It’s our mission to help service businesses all over Europe thrive.

What you'll be doing?

As a Sales Development Representative, you have a key role in our Teamleader Orbit sales cycle. While generating potential leads and following up on them, you'll be speaking with entrepreneurs in the SMB and mid-segment market on a daily basis. 

  • Your mission is to move more leads through the sales funnel (circa 20 days).
  • You will explore ways to generate sales growth.
  • You inspire business owners to digitize their workflow. You are free in the way you handle this (phone calls, social selling, mails, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.). We will provide you with the tools and training to excel in this job.
  • You'll work closely together with our Sales and Account Executive as you will schedule demo's for them and brief them in the most efficient way so that you can work towards your common goal: help business owners to work smarter. 
  • You will also be working together with the marketing team to help them identify and pursue the right targets and prospects.

When you start working you will get an in-depth training. You learn everything about us, our story, your colleagues, our workflow-tool and you get an in-depth sales onboarding. Learning by doing, that is our motto. You will be part of a team that loves to work together, help each other, share insights and achieve success. Before you know it, you'll be giving demo's to potential customers and we'll celebrate your first deal together! 

Why others chose Teamleader: we're lively, not corporate

  • You are part of a fast-growing company that values getting things done and honest communication. The result: a fast-paced tech environment, open feedback culture, room for initiatives and ideas.
  • We have the energy and boldness of a start-up and the expertise and pragmatism of a scale-up. The result: a team of both young and seasoned professionals led by supportive and approachable managers who give recognition and rewards for hard work. We also value transparency about results and strategy.
  • You have your own personal budget to spend on training or (virtual) events and numerous other internal advantages. The result: continuous growth and learning.
  • You have a pleasant and comfortable workplace within cycling and walking distance of the heart of Ghent or Amsterdam. But we are flexible: working remotely is absolutely no problem. And mandatory since the world got hit by COVID-19.

Even in COVID times, Teamleader is a happy, purposeful place. While we miss our shared kitchen and sunlit terrace, our setup allowed for a swift change to a functional and engaging remote work environment. We compensate for social distance with quizzes, cocktails delivered at home, informal chats and events, work-time flexibility, competitions, extra coaching and everything else you can think of.


You'd be a great fit if you:

  • love to talk with entrepreneurs about their business and identify their needs as to their workflow and business processes. Mainly, we focus on agencies and construction companies (marketing agencies, digital agencies and IT companies). We want you to get to know and understand the entrepreneurs you’re talking to. You have a genuine interest in their market and you want to help our leads to work smarter.
  • have experience in sales is a plus but not required. Preferably, you know a thing or two about B2B outbound sales, Customer Relationship Management and the world of SMEs and agencies
  • strongly believe in technology and have affinity with cloud-based applications. 
  • believe in positivity and persistence. Your focus will be calls, you will need to put effort in your calls to transform those in successful sales. Positivity is key here.
  • are a good listener and you’re able to ask the right questions. You can put yourself in the customers’ shoes and make the buyer feel understood. Your main customers will be business owners, administration officers, operation managers, project managers or finance managers. Your goal is to build a relationship with them and earn their trust.
  • are eager to learn and proactive. You need to be able to try different approaches, think innovative and change strategies if necessary.
  • You're fluent in French (native level) and English (professional level)
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