Leer ons wat beter kennen:

  • Waarom werken bij Teamleader.

    Teamleader is niet je doorsnee werkervaring. Vraag dat maar aan iedereen die ooit voor ons gewerkt heeft. We hebben de energie en durf van een start-up en de expertise en het pragmatisme van een scale-up. Allemaal op één werkplek.

  • Wie zijn wij?

    De beste bedrijven starten vanuit een passie. Vanuit dat idee hielp Teamleader al meer dan 12.000 Europese bedrijven hun plannen waar te maken. Onze belofte: meer gedaan, met minder gedoe.

  • Hier staan we voor.

    Bij Teamleader doen we de dingen graag op onze eigen manier. We luisteren naar elkaar en naar onze klanten, bekijken alles met een open, positieve mindset en houden ervan mensen te verrassen. Dat is waar we voor staan.

Van kandidaat tot collega: ons proces

  • Apply for a job

    Did one of our vacancies make your heart beat faster? Then what are you waiting for? Most importantly: show us your motivation, so we know you belong here.

  • Short call with HR

    One of our HR colleagues will schedule a call with you. Make sure you can explain why you want to work at Teamleader and why you're perfect for the job. We're also interested to know when you can start and what your salary requirements are. That's right, we don't beat around the bush!

  • Job-related skill test

    Depending on the specific position, we will assess your competencies and experience by means of a test. Your language skills will also be considered here. Go get ‘em!

  • In-person interview with potential manager

    We would like you to meet your future manager face to face. Here, the personal connection will be the most important thing. Don't overdress, that just makes things weird. We might want you to have talks with some other future direct colleagues as well. This way, you already have some familiar faces to turn to on your first day.

  • Second in-person interview with HR

    HR (or management) will follow-up with a second interview. We're curious to hear how you experienced the recruitment process so far. We go over the final details together so we can make you a well-considered and fair proposal.

  • Evaluation

    The moment of the truth. Are you on board or not? The impression you made during the interviews and the test you took are the deciding factors here. We always try to give personal feedback.

  • Kudos, you got the job!

    You made it through the wilderness. Somehow you made it through. Congratulations! In fact, this is just the beginning. The best is yet to come. Brace yourself & enjoy the ride.

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